Leader Cantor: ObamaCare Nothing Short Of A Debacle
October 23, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“The roll out of ObamaCare is nothing short of a debacle. The American people are now fearful of their health care. I mean downright scared about what's going to happen with their health care next year. All we're hearing from the Administration is really unsatisfactory in terms of answers to the many, many unanswered questions. Yes, we all know the website doesn’t work, and the Administration keeps saying to the subscribers who want to go on – they say go and try again. There are so many unanswered questions, and that is adding to the fear of the American people. What’s not helping is the lack of transparency on the part of this Administration.

“This morning, I know that HHS officials will be up briefing the Democratic Caucus – no intention initially to say they were going to brief Republicans about what’s going on. Last night, we learned that federal officials asked insurers not to release numbers for the exchanges in terms of sign-ups – we still don’t know these enrollment numbers. And HHS is blocking third-party verified traffic data. This is not transparency, this is adding to the confusion and the fears surrounding the roll out of ObamaCare.

“In a couple of months, the ObamaCare mandate tax is going to kick in and many Americans are going to have to pay as much as 1% of their income to the federal government if they don’t sign up for ObamaCare. So how is that fair? With so many unanswered questions and the problems arising around this roll out, it doesn’t make any sense to impose this 1% mandate tax on the American people. That’s why we Republicans remain committed to delaying that mandate tax of ObamaCare so that finally we can get the answers that so many are seeking and so that we can reassure the millions of Americans who are growing in their fear about what all this means for their health care.”