Leader Cantor Discusses ObamaCare, Future Of GOP On Greta
December 4, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

Republicans Have Patient-Centered Alternative To ObamaCare: “The President knows we have ideas. In fact, go back to 2009 when the ObamaCare law was passed. All Republicans in the end voted against that bill, but we voted for our alternative. The alternative that we had even enjoyed a Congressional Budget Office score which said that our plan would actually lower the cost of premiums unlike ObamaCare.” 

White House Attitude Is My Way Or The Highway For Health Care Reform: “It’s more of the same that we’ve seen from this President and the White House. It’s ‘my way or the highway’ and the public should just accept it. And I think it’s just the attitude this White House has been about. We see people are hurting now. Those of us in the Republican Conference in the House really want to help people with their health care and unfortunately we know that ObamaCare is just not ever going to get there. The website is just the beginning because underneath it all is a flawed law that is really not going to give people the kind of health care they want at the prices they can afford. It’s the attitude that the only thing we can do is ObamaCare. All the while, ObamaCare is crumbling. What we’re seeing is that people are shocked that they can’t keep their plan that they were promised that they could; they’re shocked at the premium increases. Wait until the deductibles start to hit in January. We have got a very serious situation and those of us in the House believe in much better prospects for a patient centered plan.”

The President Needs To Listen: “If we can set our differences aside, I think there’s a lot we can do together. All of us care about health care. We don’t believe that ObamaCare is the way to afford that kind of care to the people. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office said that our approach – the one that’s patient-based; the one that allows for more flexibility, for health savings accounts; the one that says that people can purchase health care across state lines. And a plan, frankly, that had in it a safeguard for those with pre-existing conditions, but did not implement a plan that raised prices the way that ObamaCare does. The President knows we have that plan so it is a little bit baffling to hear the President say what he says. And I’m hopeful that he’ll stop and that he’ll actually begin to listen to the kinds of things that many of us have been talking about, and that we’ve all had discussions about with others in his White House – but frankly he’s not listening.”

ObamaCare Enrollment Surge? We Don’t Know: “The Administration likes to say that they’re transparent, what does 29,000 enrollees really mean? We don’t know. We’ve had testimony in Congress on Capitol Hill saying that the backend of this program is not working. We’re hearing new reports of some kind of new temporary payment plan to insurance companies. Now, imagine this, we don’t have income verification systems in place because the President delayed that portion of the law. We don’t have the ability to say to insurance companies this person is eligible for a subsidy or not. We are told now that the backend of the system. So what the Administration, we are told, is about to do is give taxpayer money to insurance companies on the honor system – to say here, you take that subsidy and you’ll reconcile this with us later. Now, again, I don’t think the public says that’s the right way to go about doing this.”

Republicans Active On Oversight Of ObamaCare: “As you just showed video after video, we have been very active in terms of oversight of ObamaCare on Capitol Hill. We don’t have to go far when our members go home to their district. We are deluged with anecdotes of stories of hardship on families from ObamaCare. There was a report last night, and again we don’t know, so we’re waiting on a briefing by the Administration, but what we’ve been told now, and we need to verify this, but what we’ve been told is that the income verification piece is not yet working; that there now has to be a guestimate or an honor system where people can say I’m eligible for the subsidy and oh, by the way insurance companies, take the taxpayer money and we’ll reconcile it later. But we don’t know.”

Conservative Principles Will Help Americans: “There’s no question that we need to as a party be about solving the problems people are facing. It is about jobs, we all know that the chronically unemployed is growing in this country and the number of jobs needs to grow. We need to talk about paychecks. We know that working middle class Americans haven’t really seen an increase in paychecks. Our conservative solutions actually are the ones that will help afford those ends for people. We have solutions to help bring down the cost of college. The way that we’ll broaden the appeal of our party is to talk about why conservative solutions are the answer, because what we’ve seen now is big government at work by the Obama Administration. We’ve seen an economy that is lackluster at best, and we’ve seen a President that even today has been out there talking about how poorly the economy has performed under his watch.”