Leader Cantor: What Else Are They Hiding?
December 3, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

"Last week, as working middle class families across this nation prepared for Thanksgiving, the Obama Administration tried to hide another unilateral one-year delay of ObamaCare.

"Just like in July, right before Independence Day, the Administration tried to hide the one-year delay of the business mandate.

"President Obama and others have tried to hide what they knew about the website problems well before the website launch.

"The Administration continues to try and hide the problems on the back end of the website that deliver information and payments to insurers, often-- as we now know -- incorrectly.

"The Administration has tried to hide the security problems that exist with the website that one official called 'limitless' prior to the website's launch.

"The President and House Democrats tried to hide for years that millions of Americans would lose the coverage that they liked.

"The President and House Democrats tried to hide for years that many Americans will lose access to the doctors, the pediatricians, and perhaps even the hospitals that they choose.

"At this point, one has to ask: What else are they hiding?

"While the White House wants to claim that HealthCare.Gov is now working, we know that ObamaCare is still plagued with problems, and every American deserves relief from it while this Administration finally comes clean and explains why and how Americans are impacted by this law. This is not something that is helping Americans, it is harming those people who need help most right now."