Leader Cantor: House Will Continue To Press For Transparency In ObamaCare & Jobs
January 14, 2014
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“We in the House remain very concerned that ObamaCare is not living up to its promises. We’ve said all along that we believe that the structure and the design of the program is flawed and cannot be fixed. Reports show this morning that the sign ups on healthcare.gov indicate that the demographics and the actuarial soundness of the program are being brought into question.

“The problem is we don’t know who really is signing up and who is participating in the exchanges. The Administration has got to come forward with this kind of information. We are going to be bringing a bill to the floor. It’s Congressman Lee Terry’s bill. It demands transparency; it demands that the Administration come forward with true and full and accurate information about who is participating and who is signing up for ObamaCare.

“If the numbers are as bad as they seem with the lack of information, just imagine, perhaps, how bad it really is. So we need to get to the bottom of this. People’s health care is at stake, people’s pocketbooks are at stake. And we’ll be moving in that direction, continuing to build on the kind of transparency demands this House has been about over the last several months.

“While we are doing that, the Senate continues to stall in its efforts to try and rescue this economy and rescue the folks across America who are still looking for work. We have bills sitting in the Senate now. I hope that the Senate can bring these bills up and finally we can begin to find common ground when it comes to what my colleagues here have been talking about and that is putting America back to work.”